Modern medical practice today is unthinkable without communication. Is your clinic, laboratory, operating room already equipped with these advanced systems that can facilitate procedures, examinations or consultations? Supra Net Projekt offers you tailor-made solutions according to your needs. We have already successfully implemented numerous telemedicine projects in Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo and Cape Verde. These are solutions that will ensure the utmost security, accuracy and stability. Connect video conferencing systems and various medical equipment, such as EKG machines, cameras for skin and eye examinations, stethoscopes, monitors, analyzers and more.


Telemedicine solutions include specialized telecasts of surgeries and examinations for larger audiences, and Supra Net Projekt has conducted several dozen such telecasts for medical congresses in the fields of gynecology, cardiology, ophthalmology, endoscopy, etc.


Images from the installation - Cape Verde project - 2013 (sponsored by IVeH)
The aim of the project was to connect 10 islands (hospitals) in a telemedicine video conferencing network (including video conferencing infrastructure (MCU, recorder...)).



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Cape Verde