Multi point with mobile device



Do you want your video or audio conferencing system to be a jumble of all kinds of unrelated pieces of equipment? Or would you like a system that is tailored to meet your exact needs and purposes? A system that is well-designed and implemented so that it becomes a business tool and not a new worry? A system that differentiates in detail the needs of a call center and the co-ordination of management or teams?


SNP also designs, executes and maintains cross-border projects and designs and sets up systems with various levels of sophistication and of all sizes.


From "point to point" video systems for small and medium businesses to sophisticated videoconferencing projects for international companies. Call centers are becoming an increasingly important segment of many companies with incoming, outgoing or combined calling. We offer "turnkey" solutions for call centers or supply the necessary equipment. Systems for routine daily communication are also popular as are complex networking and integration systems with diverse or legacy systems for communication.


Supra Net Projekt designs, implements and supervises the construction, and maintains multimedia halls of all sizes, from the smallest with basic functionality (screens, PA.