Scope of activities



Who We Are and What We Do

Supra Net Projekt (SNP) is the leading company in Croatia in the field of video and audio conferencing systems. Over several hundred installed systems and satisfied customers from the private and public sector attest to this. We have excellent cooperation with financial and state institutions on highly demanding projects offering turnkey or segment-based solutions.

Scope of activities:

► Design, sale, implementation, maintenance and servicing of telecommunications and computer systems.

► Specialized in teleconferencing systems (video, audio, data) and IP telephony.

► Design, construction, maintenance and training for multimedia halls with a central management system.

► Unifying PA sound systems, video displays, video conferencing technology, smart boards and central systems.

► Smart boards made to order.

► Multimedia integration.

► Representing manufacturers of top communications and peripheral equipment.



Advanced video and audio communication available in every office, hospital, institution, school and home, suitable for specific requirements.


To enable and facilitate advanced visual and audio communication in real time for users regardless of their location or type of connection. To provide each client with technological solutions and equipment that suits their specific video and audio conferencing and presentation needs.


Communication with clients to precisely determine their needs. Tailor-made communication solutions. Keeping up with new technological and innovative achievements. Education and training of employees.


To maintain our position as a leading provider of audio and video conferencing systems and solutions, as well as providing users with a long-term high level of service and professionalism based on ISO 9001 certification.